Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with assessment periods taking place in April and November of every calendar year. Any applications submitted after March 31st or after October 31st may be automatically considered for the next assessment period. The application portal does not close.

The Youth Harbour is a project of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship that offers support to youths who are taking action against the climate crisis. At The Harbour, we offer grants of varying amounts to meet the needs of projects that fall under three themes (what we call, thematic topics): climate justice, amplifying youth voices, and climate innovation. We have an application process designed to be as accessible as possible; you can apply in English or French through written, oral or video submissions, and we offer coaching every step of the way. Essentially, if you have Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, refugee status or a visa, are under the age of 31 and you have a project or initiative that will reduce the impacts of the climate crisis, you should apply for our funding so we can help you contribute to a more sustainable world.


Here is the breakdown of what you can expect from our application process.

1) Take a look at the:

Harbour Principles
Application Workbook

2) Fill out and look over the Youth Harbour application and budget:

You can find the budget template here

3) Submit your full application via a written, oral, or video submission:

Written Application
Video Application
Scheduled Meeting Application

As well, here are the six sections and answering formats you can expect to see in the Youth Harbour application:

  1. 1: Qualification Questions (Checkbox and short answer format)
  2. 2: Context (Short answer format)
  3. 3: Project Development (Checkbox and short answer format)
  4. 4: Budget (Fill in template, short answer, and checkbox format)
  5. 5: Impact Measurement (Short answer format)
  6. 6: Wrapping Up (Fill in the blank)


Grant Referral Application

For this upcoming grant cycle (Cycle 4), we are launching a Referral Program in pursuit of expanding our applicant pool to include more folks from the Prairie regions, which is currently referred to as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Referral Program Criteria and Details:

  1. - You can refer a maximum of THREE candidates per cycle

  2. - The referred youth-led project or organization must be from the Prairie regions, meet our granting eligibility requirements, and submit an application via Submittable

  3. - The referrer must review and fill out our online Grant Referral Application completely before Cycle 4 assessment begins, if not, the referred candidate will be considered for the following granting cycle

  4. - In return, The Youth Harbour will provide $100 to the referrer if their referred candidate is selected for granting that cycle

If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Harbour Program Manager at


If you need any clarity or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email our coaches in French or English at or set up a 30-minute meeting with one of our two coaches using the link here:

Julie (English & French)
JFV (English & French)

Coaches are meant to help you:

• Clarify the application questions or requirements

• Support you in the development of your application answers, project development, budget, impact measurement, etc.

• Recommend where in your application you may need more detail

Note: Coaches are not responsible for writing your application, but are meant to teach you the skills required to develop an effective application. Therefore, we recommend coming to coaching sessions with targeted questions as coaching sessions are limited to 30 minutes each to ensure our coaches can be available for multiple sessions.

We will provide tips and workbooks to support you in developing your application.

How to Apply

Once you’re ready to apply, you can fill out the form. You’ll be given the option to apply through a written application, audio or video call, or an independent video submission.

Application Methods

Written Application.

For this method you can submit all of the requirements via our online portal in one document or you can follow the formal application step by step and fill in your responses as you progress through the form.

Virtual Call or Oral Application.

You can request to submit your application virtually through a video or audio call to one of our coaches. Application sessions will be limited to 30 minutes. This option is only available in French and English.

Video Submission.

You may submit a 7-10 minute video as your application (anything longer than 10 minutes will not be watched). You must ensure that you address all of the application questions in your video. Additionally, it is essential that you either label your video with the language you are speaking, or at the beginning of your video submission you announce which language you are speaking (in English or French) so we can use the appropriate resources to assess your video submission.

You can find our resource that walks you through each of the deliverables here:



If your application is unsuccessful in receiving funding this cycle, two things will happen:

  1. 1) If this is your first time applying to the Harbour, you will receive a one-time $50 stipend to compensate you for the time and effort it took for you to complete the application process.

  2. 2) Your application is saved in our system and will be reconsidered for the next cycle of funding. No need to reapply unless your project or organization has significantly changed.


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