The Harbour is a place of support, convening, and collaboration for the youth-climate movement. We are committed to building climate-resilient communities by providing, flexible, long-term support to the youth-led climate movement in the form of financial, technical, and networking assistance.

Meaningful support for meaningful action.

7/10 Canadians agree with the demands of the youth-led climate movement.

Throughout history, youth have been at the frontlines of social movements and once again are leading the charge when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. Yet, sometimes it can be hard to find the right support to actually get the work done in a world of tedious paperwork and adult-centric mindsets. As a youth-led organization ourselves, we’ve been through these pain points too and believe that there are new ways to reimagine and redesign these systems.

At The Harbour, we’re obsessed with getting you where you need to go to meaningfully move your mission. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to take your idea to new heights, we’re here for you. The Harbour is a project of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. A youth-led, youth-serving registered charity (801430307 RR0001).

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