Announcing The Youth Harbour Cycle 3 grantees!

The Youth Harbour is excited to announce that the third cycle of funding selections has been completed! 

The number of remarkable applications made this a difficult choice for allocation of our funding. It is clear from the overwhelming number of applicants that there is a high demand for youth-led climate action to be recognized, funded, and supported.

The following applicants were selected based on a multitude of criteria and were thus chosen  for the third cycle of granting from the Youth Harbour.

 A list of the successful applicants in alphabetical order can be found below:

The Youth Harbour is looking forward to working with each of these teams as we make progress toward the completion of each of their objectives and missions. We would like to recognize the time, energy, and commitment of all of those who applied. Organizations that were not successful in being selected for funding in this cycle were offered a $50 compensation for their efforts, as we maintain the belief that young people deserve to be paid for their work.

The Youth Harbour is a project of the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship that offers support to youth who are taking action within the climate movement. The Youth Harbour offers grants of varying amounts to meet the needs of youth-led projects or organizations that are reducing the impacts of the climate crisis, take place in so-called Canada, and are legal, non-violent, and non-partisan.

For more information about The Youth Harbour, you can visit our website or follow us on Instagram @theyouthharbour.

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